CommuniTeam's Training and Consulting Services

CommuniTeam offers a variety of training, consulting, and facilitation services designed to help you bring together the various resources within your community to create an effective community team. We specialize in the development of youth-adult, inter-organizational and community partnerships.

Training Workshops
CommuniTeam's training workshops are practical, adaptable, engaging, and sustainable. Through our train-the-trainer approach, local community members adopt and adapt our methods and concepts to fit their unique needs, opportunities and resources. Our workshops are designed to leave behind the skills and tools that the local training group can continue to use to train others in their community. You organize the group to be trained and plan the logistics. CommuniTeam comes to your community to facilitate the workshop. Our training workshops follow:

Building a Strong CommuniTeam

Community Leadership Inside and Out

Youth Leadership in Action

Facilitator Training for Teen-Adult Dialogue

Custom Workshops can also be created to meet your unique outcome objectives.

Consulting Services
CommuniTeam’s consulting services allow us to share our experiences and knowledge with other communities through a variety of avenues: presentations, direct service, organization development services, community building programs and/or training workshops.

Building Assets, Building Community

Building Community Within

Schools as Communities

Four Frames of Community Action

The Opportunity Planning Process

Facilitation Services
CommuniTeam has facilitated planning sessions, dialogues, and inter-group meetings at the national, regional and local levels. Skilled facilitation is an essential component of any process that requires that all people be included, heard, and involved. We help host organizations establish a plan that sets the stage for this to happen. Then we “conduct the orchestra” during the event in a way that brings out the best in everyone.

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