Postcards from the Cutting Edge

CommuniTeam Training and Consulting has been involved in many fascinating projects, with many fascinating people, in many fascinating places. This section of our website is devoted to telling some of the stories of the projects, people and places we've been blessed to be involved with. Click on the links below to read our stories.

October 2-5, 2002 Prague, Czech Republic Hands-On Student Involvement Conference
My wife, Sue, and I were fortunate to be invited to be presenters at the first annual Hands-On Student Involvement Conference hosted by the International School of Prague and sponsored by the Central and Eastern European School Association.

September 23-25, 1995 Dillingham, Alaska Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation’s “Partners in Community Unity” training
One of many blessings in my life is that I have been able to visit lots of incredible places through my important work. Of all of these, the place for which I have the fondest memories is Dillingham, AK. Dillingham is the “hub” of the communities in the Bristol Bay region, on the western side of the Aleutian Peninsula in southwestern Alaska.

April, May and September, 1998 Washington, DC Children of 2010 Dialogues
Not all work in community and social change is fruitful. My facilitation of the “Children of 2010 Dialogues,” sponsored by the WK Kellogg Foundation and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) falls in this category. I was selected by these two sponsoring organizations, based on my work in the fields of youth development and race relations, to facilitate what had the potential of being a very significant national policy and advocacy movement.